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With the end of summer, routine comes back to our lives. Which is why it is the perfect season to learn a language. But first, you need to take these 3 tips into account:


HOW: Motivation and organization go first

Nowadays time is a lacking present. How many times do people start something they will never continue? Going to the gym, attending to cooking lessons… This is exactly what we have to avoid when we want to learn a language. Being constant and organizing your time is a basic rule we have to obey. It is better to have lessons every week at different hours than not having any lesson in weeks. Languages are all about persistence.

Now, motivation plays an essential role at your learning. It will give you the strength to keep working and be patient with the results. You should focus on a goal and work to achieve it and choose the teacher that will best help you learn.

WHY: Internationalization is here

97,7% of Spanish students never go out of their mother country to develop their studies, according to recent research. But this is about to change. The lack of a good level of English and the inability to solve it are the two main problems the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports are working on with an Internationalization Strategy for 2015-2020. By that time, 30% of the Bachelors and the 50% of the Masters will be bilingual. Which means having a B2 level in English will be indispensable. If you still have doubts about the importance of learning English, this should make you reconsider

WHAT: What should I prepare for?

There are many different studies discussing the best plan to follow when you are learning a language. Prepare for an official qualification, attend speaking lessons, move abroad, watch films, listen to the radio… There is not a unique way to learn English. You can choose the one that works best with your needs and even work with different methods at the same time. But, for that to be useful, you need to first of all measure your level and determine a specific goal to achieve. Here we show you how.

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