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Few things you need to know:

  • There are more than 120.000 European students in the UK
  • The European residents (non English) represent the 6,4 per cent of the students in university and postgraduate in the British universities every year.
  • The UK will still be a member of the EU for 2 more years, after the activation of the article 50 of the Lisbon Teatry.
  • It is unlikely that the situation of European students who are currently there will  change as far as visa and fees are concerned.
  • However, students could suffer a more visa restrictions if they move there after the formal exit.
  • The UK still participates in the students exchange program Erasmus+, but there are no guarantees they will continue.

Is English still a useful language to learn?

English will always be useful as a method of communication and is the perfect language for non-native speakers who want to contact with others non-native speakers. Also it is still the language of business, trade and education.

Do I still have the option to go to UK abroad to learn English?

Yes, there are a lot of programs for scholarships. Also, the European students who are currently studying in United Kingdom will continue to mantain their fees and bursaries. However, if you are thinking about an internship there in 2 years, you should take into account that the universities may make their own eligibility rules. Also, it is likely that the economic support may be smaller after they leave.

How is it going to affect my erasmus?

Erasmus+ has established that there will not be any immediate changes in the participation in the UK program and the UK National Agency will still work and participate in the program in all over the country.

Am I still welcome to study in the UK being an european student?

Sure. Lots of universities have created a regulation to guarantee that every international and European student is welcome. No english university will tolerate the abuse of any student or member of any of their campus.

Will I need a visa to study abroad?

It all depends on the negotiations and the decisions the English government makes before the brexit about foreigners. If you are thinking on moving abroad to the UK you should visit and keep an eye on the website of the charity UKCisa, where they upload very detailed information about fees, visa and rules for international students.

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