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Today, given recent growth in global accessibility and opportunity, entrepreneurial projects as well as multinational corporations operate amidst linguistically diverse environments.


The most important factor that has lowered barriers of access is information technology and the internet. These have systematically reduced the costs of starting or expanding projects, favoring rapid growth, and strengthening the potential of startups and industries that adopt IT.


The explosion of information technology, and the challenge of bringing to market products that satisfy needs of consumers that speak different languages has increased the demand for language classes. Younger companies especially have supported the use of language classes

7 Most Important Business Languages
Business Languages

Here are the 7 most important languages for businesses, which any CEO with a global outlook should look towards mastering:


1) English


English has been and will continue to be the most widely used language in international transactions and exchange. The official language of more than 40 countries, it is used in the business sphere as much as it used in IT. Internationally-minded businesses have greater opportunities by adopting English, as 85% of the internet is composed of English language content.


Likewise, mastering English is essential if you are an entrepreneur. You will be better positioned to assist conferences, network, execute marketing campaigns, and lead your web page if you learn English.


2) Mandarin Chinese


With more than 1.2 billion native speakers around the world, Mandarin Chinese is the world’s most spoken language. China has the world’s second largest economy, and is on the cusp of innovation in tech and heavy industry, with nearly unparalleled economic growth. It is also impossible to ignore the fact that China has also recently pivoted commercial relations towards Latin America and Europe. Businessmen and women should realize the current and future financial attractiveness of learning and dealing in Chinese.


3) Spanish


With more than 500 million speakers in the world, Spanish provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and visionaries to enter the Latin American market. Latin America is very attractive as a source of raw materials for many industries. While Spain is as of late still recovering from the European economic crisis, it represents a strategic place for business and cultural exchange with the European continent.


4) Portuguese


Portuguese is the world’s fourth most spoken language and represents several countries with strong economic potential, including Brazil and Angola. Brazil has the world’s 8th largest economy, besides being a leader in Latin American integration. It has an attractive array of possibilities in commerce, environmental engineering, and international business.


5) Russian


This country represents a market of more than 250 million people, with Russia being the regional leader and source of vast natural resources to other regions. Russia has developed technology, energy, and manufacturing sectors. In addition, there are other countries in Russia’s sphere of influence that are emerging economies.


6) Arabic


Learning arabic entails access to 57 countries with a growing online culture. It also opens the gateway to the food import/export trade. Those who learn Arabic also expose themselves to some of the richest markets that will enjoy greater growth and diversification in the future.


7) German


Germany is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe, withstanding the European economic crisis with stable production and sustained economic growth. As the economic engine of Europe, Germany has many possibilities for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Other prosperous economies, including Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria, also speak German.


Do you want to learn one of these languages?


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