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Access to quality education when and wherever you want it is now easier than ever. MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses, with no limit to who can participate and often free, feature a vast variety of university-sponsored courses and programs from around the world. The only qualifications are a personal computer, an internet connection, your choice of a class, and a drive to learn.

Online Education

How to Find Massive Open Online Courses


There are many platforms that give us access to the most prestigious universities in the world (Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Berkeley, etc). In 2012, platforms like Coursera at Stanford University and edX, a partner project of MIT and Harvard University, began to appear. Today, there are many platforms from which to choose to find your ideal MOOC course:



Language courses are also in great demand, among these Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests, offered by FutureLearn and The British Council. This is the online course which the most single registrations. Online courses, however, have their own shortcomings, which is why you shouldn’t forget platforms like GoProfe. GoProfe lets you contact tutors and teachers that best suit your availability of time, place and price for in-person or online language classes.


Good News


People who access online education classes can often certify their studies through MOOC platforms. The majority of courses are aimed at professionals, students who want to enhance their professional development, or specialize in a specific topic.


However, keep in mind that the online learning space will not replace professors or the experience of physical classes anytime soon. Online learning is a starting point, or center of a network, where improvements in technology and offerings combine with willingness to learn to add value to students.




The range of abilities of students who sign up for online classes varies immensely, which translates to high rates of course dropout. Similarly, a high percentage of students who take MOOCs are unable to pass exams to obtain certifications, explains John Hennessey, founder of Coursera.


Things to Keep in Mind


Online learning and MOOCs will continue to grow and develop, infinitely expanding the range of courses, study programs, and their possibilities. Therefore, it is more important than ever to do your research and be clear of the competencies that you want—and how these might fit into the rest of your educational and professional experience. It is just as important to follow through and treat online courses with diligence and respect. Though some are self paced, they are as rigorous and demanding as the universities and organizations that sponsor them.


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