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What is GoProfe.com and how does it work?
How can I sign-up to GoProfe.com?

Teacher profiles on GoProfe.com

Messages on GoProfe
The Job Board
Student reviews on your teacher profile
Tips for Teachers
Where is GoProfe.com operating?
Who is behind GoProfe?
How do I deactivate and reactivate my account?
How can I contact GoProfe?

What is GoProfe.com and how does it work?

GoProfe.com is a website for students and teachers to find each other to organise private language classes.

Teachers can clearly advertise their experience, availability, and rate per hour in order to find classes that best fit with their schedule and skills. Teachers can also directly contact students who have posted on our Job Board.

Students can actively look for a language teacher that fits with their expectations- experience, interests, availability and price.

Classes can take place either in person or online, and the teacher and student agree upon the location and payment method before the class takes place.

We are not an academy and our website is free for both students and teachers. This means that we do not get involved in organising classes, you have to do that directly with the student. We do ask that you answer all messages on the platform so that it functions smoothly and students find a teacher.

We work hard to attract the most students and teachers possible so that everybody can have class in good locations and that are fairly remunerated. Spreading the word about GoProfe.com and asking students to review your teacher profile helps us a lot!

How can I sign-up to GoProfe.com?

 You can sign up to GoProfe.com as a teacher or a student. You are welcome to make a profile as both a student and teacher, but you will just have to use a separate email address for each profile.


Language teachers can make profiles on GoProfe.com.  Some academies also have profiles and we ask you to clearly state that you are an academy  in your profile.

We validate all profiles before publishing them on the website and there are certain fields that you have to fill in order for us to validate your profile, our platform doesn’t let us validate incomplete profiles.

You do not need to complete your profile to contact students who have posted on our job board.


Students and academies can sign-up as students on GoProfe.com. As a student you can contact validated teachers and post job offers on our job board.

Teacher profile on GoProfe.com

As a language teacher you can create a public profile on GoProfe so that students can contact you if they are interested in classes. Your profile should include:

  • Teaching experience
  • Interests
  • Where you teach (both in person and online)
  • Your availability, the days and times you teach
  • The rate you charge per hour
  • A profile picture
  • Reviews from students

Because of the way GoProfe is programmed, we can only publish profiles that have all the starred sections filled-in.

Once your profile is complete we will validate it and you will receive an email that your profile is published on our website.

  • To unregister from GoProfe, log into your account, and open the drop down menu from where it says, “Hello, (your name)”. Select “Edit profile” and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click “cancel my account” and voilà, you are finished.
  • To unpublish your profile, but remain active as a teacher so that you can contact students on our job board and answer messages, send us an email: info@GoProfe.com. Be aware that students will not be able to reach out directly to teachers with unpublished profiles.
  • If you want to re-register as a teacher or publish an unpublished profile, send us an email: info@GoProfe.com.

Students who want English classes can browse teacher’s profiles or search by keyword and filters until they find teachers who fit their requirements. Once a student has found a teacher he or she wants to learn from, they can contact the teacher through the GoProfe platform by sending a private message.

How can I improve my teacher profile?

We’ve observed that students respond best to profiles that are friendly and descriptive, but not too wordy. The best profiles also are in Spanish. If yours is written in English, you might want to consider using an online translator or asking a Spanish-speaking friend to help you out.

Something else to keep in mind is that GoProfe’s website automatically tracks how long it takes you to respond to messages and class requests. Your average response time is shown your profile. The faster you respond, the better you look!

Finally, students can review you and your classes. Be sure to let them know that they can do this as it helps attract future students and makes your profile stand out.

I signed up as the wrong type of user (student instead of teacher) or with the wrong email address.

If you are a student who has signed up as a teacher or vice-versa, send us an email and we will switch it for you.

You can change your email address from the edit profile page. It is important that you sign-up with your primary email address, as we will send you an email when you have a message on the platform.

Messages on GoProfe

You can see messages from students who are interested in classes at the top of the page after you sign-in.

If you contact a student via the job board, your message will appear in your message thread.

Please answer all your messages, even if you are not available for the class. It helps GoProfe run smoothly.

The Job Board

The job board is where students can publish what kind of class they need.

As a teacher you can send a message to the student who has published the post on the job board. These messages appear in the message threads (envelope at the top of the page once you are signed-in).

Student reviews on your teacher profile

Who can write a review on my profile?

Students who are registered on the platform can write a review on your profile.

Reviews help students find the teacher that is the right fit for them. Teachers, spread the love and ask your students to review you, it will help you get more class requests.

What if a review is inaccurate?

If you believe that a student has incorrectly represented you or your teaching, contact the student to discuss it with him or her. If you are unable to work it out with the student, you can write us, info@GoProfe.com.

Tips for Teachers


General Expectations

  • If you have an in-person class, give yourself enough time to find the class, particularly on the first day (it can take longer than you think, especially if you have to sign in or wait to be buzzed in).
  • Show up over-prepared! It’s a good idea to have a number of extra activities in your back pocket, just in case.
  • Make sure you ask the student what his or her goals are for the class.
  • Remember to have a good mix of reading, speaking, listening, and writing activities, unless the student clearly states a different goal.
  • It’s a good idea to avoid politics, football, religion and other potentially controversial topics until you get to know the student.
  • Be aware of the differences between British English and American English. Some students prefer one to the other– and some don’t mind, but they want to know which one you’re teaching them.

Cultural Differences

  • When meeting a student in person for the first time, you may be expected to kiss them on their cheeks (right first, left second).
  • Spaniards often do not remove their shoes in the house.
  • Dress to impress! English teachers sometimes don’t get the respect they deserve, and it doesn’t help your case to underdress. Image is highly valued here. (More important if you are meeting at an office than at a home; more important for adult classes than children’s classes.)

The internet is your friend! Here are some resources to get you started, but there’s a whole lot more out there.

Where is GoProfe.com operating?

GoProfe.com is operating in all of Spain but based in downtown Madrid in Telefonica’s Open Futures program.

If you would like GoProfe to come to your country, send us an email at info@goprofe.com to let us know where you are and that you’d like to see GoProfe in your country.

Who is behind GoProfe?

GoProfe is the brainchild of expat English teachers who met in Madrid and came together over a shared frustration about finding conveniently-located classes (it can be hard) and getting paid (it sometimes doesn’t happen). We noticed that other teachers seemed to be having the same difficulties. On top of that, as English speakers, we were being approached  by Spanish friends and acquaintances asking if we knew an English teacher available at such-and-such a time in such-and-such neighborhood. GoProfe was created to solve everyone’s problems in one stroke by creating a platform so that teachers and students can get in contact directly. 

How do I deactivate and reactivate my account?

We really hope you don’t want to leave GoProfe! But if you do, log into your account, and open the drop down menu from where it says, “Hello, (your name)”. Select “Edit profile” and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click “cancel my account” and voilà, you are finished.

If you want to unpublish your profile and remain active as a teacher or have deactivated your account and wish to reactivate it, send us an email and we will reactivate it for you, info@goprofe.com.

How can I contact GoProfe?

Can’t find the answer you were looking for? Email us at info@GoProfe.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently working in Telefonica’s Open Futures crowdworking space but you can send us snail mail to Calle Fuentes, 6, 28460 Los Molinos, Madrid.