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Everyday the opportunity to learn English is increasing, as well as the need to speak the language. People learning English have different motivations, some want to improve their overall level, others need improve a particular aspect of the language (speaking, writing etc.) while others are taking lessons to get an official certificate. Choosing a good teacher essential to learning English, but location and payment method must also be taken into account the when choosing a teacher.


My place or yours? The most frequently asked question among English teachers and students. No longer do classes need to take place in language academies.
The possibility of learning without leaving home is a clear advantage of private tutoring. A comfortable environment can be the best place to learn a language. However, there are many other possibilities.

The second most popular place to meet are cafés. Having a conversation with a teacher while having a coffee in your neighbourhood can be a very option for some students.

Sometimes students prefer to have lessons at their office, because it is a more professional and less crowded setting. Co-workers that don’t have classes offered by their companies will often organize private group classes during their lunch breaks.

There are more options, some adventurous students have classes in parks and other outdoor places. Anything that goes along with the teacher’s and student’s interests and the purpose of the class.

Tutoring specialized on the needs of the student, should not be in a stiff and crowded place, but at a relaxed and quiet place to engage in flowing conversation and to communicate without problems.


Many tutors teach private classes to earn additional money, while doing something they love and feel passionate about. Despite loving their job, it should not be an excuse for not being rigorous in paying the teacher’s services or establishing fair rates.
There are different ways to charge for private lessons. Some teachers prefer to collect the payment at the beginning of the month, others prefer to do it after each class and many choose to do so at the end of each month (or at the end of the total number of classes requested by the student).

A teacher should make their payment preferences clear before the classes begin and the student may also suggest a way to pay that is the fairest for both the student and teacher. In any case, you should always track what payments have been made, so that there are no misunderstandings.

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